High voltage stacking batteries

5kwh solar systme battery

Revolutionize your home's energy management with our cutting-edge energy storage solution. Designed for efficiency and reliability, our home battery seamlessly integrates with renewable energy sources, allowing you to maximize self-consumption and reduce reliance on the grid. With its advanced technology and compact design, it provides a reliable backup power source during outages, empowers energy independence, and promotes a sustainable lifestyle. Experience the convenience and peace of mind that our Home Battery brings to your home's energy needs.

Quick Information
  • Brand: IPStank
  • Battery voltage: 51.2V
  • Capacity: 50Ah/100Ah
  • Battery type: LiFePO4
  • Certification: CE RoHS TUV SAA FCC UL ETL PSE C-tick UN38.3 MSDS


High voltage stacking batteries offer numerous benefits for energy storage applications. Firstly, their high voltage configuration allows for more efficient energy conversion and transmission, reducing energy losses during charging and discharging. This leads to improved overall system efficiency and enhanced energy utilization.

Secondly, high voltage stacking batteries can provide increased power output, making them ideal for applications that require high power demands, such as electric vehicles or grid-scale energy storage systems. They can deliver the necessary power quickly and efficiently, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Additionally, high voltage stacking batteries typically have higher energy densities, allowing for more energy storage capacity in a compact form factor. This makes them well-suited for space-constrained applications, where maximizing energy storage within a limited footprint is crucial.

Furthermore, high voltage stacking batteries often exhibit better cycle life and longer lifespan compared to lower voltage alternatives. This means they can endure more charge-discharge cycles without significant capacity degradation, resulting in longer-lasting and more cost-effective energy storage solutions.

Overall, the benefits of high voltage stacking batteries include increased system efficiency, higher power output, greater energy storage capacity, and improved longevity. These advantages make them a compelling choice for a wide range of energy storage applications, contributing to a more sustainable and efficient energy landscape.


Top Box Model 1HV-S50Ah 1HV-S50BH
Battery Model 2EP2500H 4EP2500H 6EP2500H 10EP2500H 2EP5000H 4EP5000H 6EP5000H 10EP5000H
Nominal Capacity 5.12kWh 10.24kWh 15.36kWh 25.6kWh 10.24kWh 20.48kWh 30.72kWh 51.2kWh
Nominal Voltage 102.4V 204.8V 307.2V 512V 102.4V 204.8V 307.2V 512V
Operating Voltage 89.6-116.8V 179.2-223.6V 268.8-350.4V 448-584V 89.6-116.8V 179.2-233.6V 268.8-350.4V 448-584V
Recommend Discharge Current 50A
Max.Charge/Discharge Current 50A
Peak Discharge Current 65A≤30S
Battery Pack Round-Trip Efficiency ﹥95%
Depth Of Discharge 0.9
Cycle Life ⩾ 4000
Communication CAN or RS485
Display LED/Display screen(optinal) No RS485 communication with LCD screen
scalability MAX. 10 modules in series
Installation Outdoor/Indoor (Stand)
Ingress Rating IP54 indoor&outdoor (floor standing, no condensation, no rain/snow, no sun exposure)
Operating Temperature -20℃
Storage Temperature -45℃
Cooling Method Natural Convection
Humidity 0% to 100% (No condensing)
Altitude MAX.2000 m
Dimension 400*500*600mm 400*500*920mm 400*500*1240mm 400*500*1880mm 400*680*600mm 400*680*920mm 400*680*1240mm 400*680*1880mm

---UPS function
---1H fast charge
---Up to 10 batteries
---Wifi/Bluetooth APP

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