Solar generator,why we choose it for our daily life ?

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In the U.S.,more than 500,000 people need solar generator, because they are affected daily by power outages. A loss of power usually triggered by different sources ranging from natural disasters and serious storms, to utility failures, car accidents and more. Fortunately, you can be prepared by investing in a solar generator. Solar generator provides a valuable backup in the case of an emergency, as well as a convenient power source for a variety of additional needs. Don’t be reactive, be proactive by setting up a solar generator before you need it.

But how much power do you really need? We need to be clear of the total wattage of the items, and the total power of the solar generator. Normally 1800W will run tools or appliances such as blenders, drills, TVs, lamps, laptops, fans, game consoles, microwaves, slow cookers etc.

solar generator


If you’re looking to power the appliances in your home during an emergency, you could prepare portable power station with larger power. A 2400 watt generator can handle most of the appliances in an average home, but not all at the same time.It is necessary to limit your usage to the most necessary appliances.

To match the right generator for your needs. You can simply add the running watts of each device. For example:

Calculate Total Watts:


100 watts


500 watts


60 watts


30 watts


Total Watts

690 watts


In this situation, IPStank-1200w, IPStank-1800W, IPStank-2400W all can meet the needs. Then it depends on how long you need to run this device. Choose the larger one if you need longer running time.

A solar generator is a fantastic way to have additional energy available whenever the light goes out. Whether you need to charge your devices, turn the lights on, or go to a place with no electricity available.

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