IPStank portable power station for camping trip

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IPStank portable power station can charge my laptop in outdoor, portable power station is very indeed when you want to work outside.

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Bought an other brand and returned it and bought this. Having tried several others, the IPStank is by far my favorite.

This is for a few different reasons. First, Its hardware and software design is very sophisticated and I use it for car tires and it works well, included all my testings.

The display is the best. It large and tells you exactly what power is coming into the unit and what power is going out. And provides not just the accurate battery remaining, but how long that battery will last at current usage rates. I just adjust how much power I’m using, so I can get through the camping day, and I love its portability and is lightweight.

The other features I like are the Type C + Wall outlet (quick charge), and the pure sine wave inverter provide the clean, stable electricity, which is not only more reliable for sensitive electronic devices, but also much safer.

I’m already looking for a solar panel to pair it with. Awesome deal ! This is definitely one of the best units available as far as watt hours for price.

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